In today’s age, almost any open air facility that serves beer is considered a Beer Garden.  Normally attributed with trees, wood benches, and well made food.  In today’s world this has been supplemented with patio umbrellas, plastic chairs and food made as fast as possible.  While still keeping with the original intent of what a beer garden is, it has evolved with the times.


The original Beer Gardens started in Southern Germany, mostly from Bavaria.  The official term was Biergarten.  Since then they have spread all over the world.  In the United States, all of the earliest Beer Gardens were all located on the East Coast.  Every State though regulates their Beer Gardens differently.

Today people use their own homes to brew beer, and often use their backyards as their own private beer garden. A few hours in the kitchen shuffling through the cabinets for pots and funnels, some boiling of some wort later, and you’ve got your own beer.

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